3 Golden Rules of Writing an Effective Prospecting Email

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If you’re new to the game of writing prospecting emails to potential clients, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the vast amount of information on the internet detailing the dos and don’ts of the common practice. Don’t overthink it! Simply stick with the basics and follow these three rules for success.

1. Be Concise

No one reads a multi-paragraph cold email. Remember, less is more. When crafting an email try to keep it to 2-3 sentences that are very intentional and include a call to action.

2. Show Value

Your email should not solely be about you and your company. Rather, it should be about your prospect, their pain points, common challenges/struggles and how you have helped other companies identify and solve them.

3. Finish with an Effective Call to Action

You have showed value, peaked interest from your prospect, you have them on the hook. Now what? Always remember to finish your email with a strong, effective and clear call to action. Consider incorporating a link to your calendar for your prospects to easily schedule time that works well for them.

While these are 3 golden rules we live by, they are not the only best practices for prospecting emails. If you would like to discuss email marketing at more length reach out to us to schedule a Discovery Call and begin momentum today in your response rates!

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