3 Keys to Success in Business Development

Lead Generation Tactics

Are you looking at taking your business development game to the next level? Keeping these 3 strategies in mind will help you maximize your efforts, save time and ultimately drive results.

1. Target Audience

  • Identify key industry verticals of where your services have made the biggest impact. If you are trying to break into a new industry, slowly sprinkle in new data to prevent a slow down in activity if the new industry doesn’t take.
  • Collaborate with your marketing team to identify business cases for your solutions specific to the day-to-day challenges/pain points of your prospects.
  • Find common criteria from your best customers to identify the best database for your calling efforts. Remember, data is the foundation for every business development campaign.

2. Stop Being Complacent

  • One of the most common ruts BDR’s fall into is calling the same contact over and over and over. Remember to use tools like LinkedIn to find alternate contacts to engage with.
  • Do you have contacts that tell you the same thing each time you follow up with them? Does “I’m not interested but feel free to keep in touch” sound familiar? It’s time to change your pitch. Try bringing up common challenges similar customers are facing to see if it resonates. In addition, be more open-ended with your pitch, asking the prospect if he could improve anything in his operation, what would that area be?
  • Change your channel. Have you made call after call or email after email with no luck? Try engaging via a text message, LinkedIn Inmail, a personal video, etc.

3. Quality over Quantity

  • Make smart dials by being prepared to have a compelling value proposition with each prospect you call. Review their website, read recent newsletters, be intentional.
  • Just because you can get someone to commit to a meeting, does not mean it’s a meeting worth scheduling. Carefully qualify each prospect you engage with to understand their timing, needs and budget, then address next steps.
  • The majority of your conversations will not result in getting a meeting booked, it is the exact opposite. However, these are great opportunities to build relationships, gather vital marketing intelligence and uncover additional contact information. Make the most out of every conversation you have.

Business Development is all about being adaptable while maintaining a high level of discipline and process. At Momentum we love to help and serve. If you or your team finds themselves in this rut, schedule a call with us today and go from cold calling to intelligently prospecting.

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