3 Reasons To Hire a Dedicated Team for Business Development

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Picture this scenario: Jacob, a member of your outside sales team, successfully closes deals on a consistent basis. He is a confident, trustworthy member of your sales team and spends a great deal of time cultivating meaningful relationships with your clients.

Now imagine putting Jacob in charge of cold calling potential leads. This sounds like a waste of his talent & time, right? Sales, not business development, is his expertise.

Here are three reasons why you should leave the business development up to a dedicated team and let your outside sales reps devote their time to closing deals and interacting face-to-face with your clients:

1. Your Outside Sales Reps Do Not Have The Skill Set

Some sales reps are like farmers, carefully managing and building relationships with clients, having face to face interactions, etc. On the other end, you have hunters, those that enjoy the process & discipline to finding the needle in the haystack. Rather than make your sales reps take on tasks they don’t have the time or abilities for, it’s best to hire a separate team with the appropriate experience to handle your new business development activities.

2. Your Outside Sales Reps Do Not Have Time

Along with point number 1, not only do sales reps lack the skillset of prospecting/cold calling, they don’t have enough time to do it (the good ones anyway)! As a sales rep builds their book of business, they will spend more facetime with clients building relationships, traveling, putting proposals together, etc.

The average full-time BDR can make 80-100 calls per day! Ask your reps how many cold calls they make each week, it will probably be less than 80!

3. Your Outside Sales Reps Cannot Effectively Nurture Prospects

As your business development pipeline begins to grow, it will be near impossible for your sales team to effectively nurture while doing everything else they do (see point 2). The number in your nurturing pool can easily be in the hundreds & thousands, each one needing to be followed up with at a specific day/time.

What happens when those prospects fall through the cracks? Your competitors who have a robust business development process swoop in to seize the opportunity.

If this resonates with you, today is the day to prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks.

If you are serious about finding new clients and taking your company to a new level of success, get in touch with the team at Momentum Business Development Consulting to learn more about what we do and how we can help you achieve your goals. We’ve got several options.

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