3 Way to Deal with an Unresponsive Prospect

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We’ve all been there. We have a great prospect we engaged. We had a productive conversation with genuine interest. Time passes, and they go dark, radio silent. You try to reach out, but they remain unresponsive.

You don’t want to annoy them and at the same time you don’t want to lose out on the opportunity by not doing anything.

Here are three tools you need in your prospecting toolbox to successfully deal with unresponsive prospects.

1. Change Your Channel

Are you making call after call or sending email after email with no luck? It’s time to change your channel of how you are trying to re-engage your prospect. Try sending a text message, an InMail on LinkedIn or even sending a personal hand-written letter with a gift card. Perhaps offer them to grab a coffee, virtual or otherwise. Be creative and separate yourself from the pack.

2. Try an Alternate Contact

If you have spoken with other contacts in this journey, try engaging them. They may not have the level of decision making you are looking for, but they may be able to shed light on why your prospect has gone dark. They may be booked solid with traveling, buried with projects, on vacation, or maybe no longer with the company!

3. Ask for a Not Now or No

Yes, this seems crazy and against our core nature as a sales professional, but it works! After repeated unsuccessful attempts on the above strategies, ask your prospect if the timing just isn’t right and ask when you should follow-up down the road.

Your prospect may be dodging you simply because the timing isn’t right, or they aren’t interested. Your time is valuable. Let me repeat, your time is valuable. Spend time working qualified prospects, and close out the non-responders. In many cases non-responsive prospects are not truly qualified or sales-ready.

Unresponsive prospects are the nature of the beast in sales. Don’t see it as a negative. Use it as a way to keep your pipeline healthy and active. If you feel your team could benefit from some hands-on training, schedule a discovery call now to begin the conversation.

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