3 Ways to Turnaround a Slow 2021 Start


It is hard to believe that we are almost a month into 2021. The game clock has started, CRM Dashboard’s have begun populating new data, the race is on. Has your sales team hit the ground running, or does it feel like there’s a lack of energy and motivation?

If you are in the latter scenario, here are 3 areas you need to immediately address before your situation turns into a slow quarter or even worse, a slow year:

1. Communication/Relationships

Building a successful sales culture begins with how you communicate and how often you communicate with your team. Be honest with yourself, does your team view you as a boss, or as a resource? If it’s the former, you probably aren’t hearing much feedback or insight from your team. Make it a point to be available to your team as much as possible and to invest in their professional and personal lives.

2. Comp Plan

Did you roll out an “aggressive” comp plan to your team that maybe your top one or two reps will be able to hit? If you want a sure-fire way to deflate your sales team, giving them unrealistic goals that require every last ounce of energy will do the trick (i.e. burnout). Your comp plan should be designed to motivate your team to find customers the right way for the right reasons.

3. Tools

Have you put off upgrading to that new CRM? Does your team have tools in place to easily enter data into your CRM? Are they still manually pressing buttons to dial a phone number? Think of it this way: Would you rather give a lumberjack an axe or a chainsaw? Both can get the job the done. But one will take a lot less time, pay for itself and drive even more revenue to your bottom line.

While these are three main areas we recommend evaluating, this is not an exclusive list. If your sales team seems to be in a funk, we would be happy to help and support you through this. Waiting another day or another week will only extend the frustration of your team and yourself. Schedule a discovery call here to jumpstart your 2021.

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