5 Ways to Mobilize Your Remote Sales Team

Lead Generation Tactics

Remote work should not interfere with your sales pipeline; in many cases, it empowers employees. With the right systems in place and solid intracompany communications, your sales force will have all they need to fill the funnel and close deals. Here are five tips for driving remote sales by building a powerful development force within your company.

1. Distribute the right tools and technology.

In addition to experience and good instincts, your sales reps need the necessary technology to reach customers. This is an important aspect of business development today. Accept and utilize the many tools now available to support your virtual team:

  • VoIP (Mitel/Shortel)

  • Video conferencing (Teams, Go-To Meeting, Zoom, etc.)

  • Chat platforms (Teams, Skype, etc.)

  • CRM (Salesforce.com, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)

While technology has advanced, potential prospects still appreciate a human connection. Using today’s tools, your sales reps can provide that timeless interaction that wins sales.

2. Set specific goals.

When your sales force works remote, they should still have firm goals and understand company expectations. This means building the right reports/dashboards in your CRM to track daily, weekly, and monthly activity from your business development team. Have your team embrace the mantra of, “If it’s not in CRM, it didn’t happen”.

3. Maintain good communication.

Even if all employees work remotely, everyone should be connected. An efficacious way to do this is call a daily meeting at a set time and require everyone to attend. Whether your meeting is virtual or in-person, create an environment where people can ask questions or bring up challenges. Remote sales reps benefit from regular coaching, sharing, and professional development that can help them develop leads.

4. Set up employee FAQs.

Establish an employee FAQ platform that addresses different areas, including information on setting up and using digital technologies and developing effective remote sales strategies along with diagnosing common problems that occur. Remote workers need to have company resources readily at hand. This helps not only to keep everyone on the same page but also to help employees plugged into the company.

5. Create a unified company culture.

One of the most important elements of business development is forging a distinctive and singular company culture that all employees can embrace. While distance work offers numerous advantages for companies and employees, it also can be challenging to create a cohesive environment and focused vision. Get to know employees as individuals, and do not treat them as mere cogs in the larger company structure. When employees feel empowered and that they are a valued element of the whole, their work improves and the entire company benefits.

A strong business development force leads to success with remote work. No matter where employees are, with today’s technology and a unified company culture, you can empower sales reps to deliver strong sales numbers. When your business prospers, everyone wins.

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