Bug in The Ear – A Key to Successful Prospecting

Lead Generation Tactics

As another brisk June evening was coming to a close, I had to quickly run into my barn before heading home. As I left the barn, I felt an odd sensation in my right ear. “Oh, my word,” I thought. “Did a bug just fly into my ear?” As my brain wondered, the tiny invader removed any doubt I was not losing it with some violent buzzing.

Now I know there are some pretty annoying things in this world. For instance, people talking on speaker in a store, slow drivers, or your annoying neighbor Dale stopping by to hash over Nascar again. But I promise you nothing is more annoying than a bug doing the Hokeypokey on your eardrum. I immediately started headbanging like I was at a Metallica concert in the ’80s. I hopped around. I yelled.

But nothing helped, the bug buzzed on.

My Support System

My wife offered tremendous support right out of the gate, “Honestly Steve, can we just go home? It can’t be that bad.” I responded with a tremendous amount of love, “Woman, there is a beetle in my EAR!” At that point, she started to take things a little bit more seriously.

The next two hours turned into a science experiment and a tremendous amount of joy for my family. They all gathered around like I was a baby kitten and took a crack at me. Flowing kitchen faucets, Q-tips, and flashlights were shoved in my ear. Then Dr. Google got involved and things got more interesting.

I was caked in Ancient herbal Navajo pollutants used to extract nail from horses’ hooves. Jackhammers and chain saws were produced. I think someone may have just dropped to their knees and started praying. Experimental procedures that are illegal in 35 states. Nothing worked. Okay I may have made some of that up, or I was hallucinating, but all I know is…the bug buzzed on.

That evening I went to sleep with me and my new friend. As I am full of pride and determine to show everyone how tough I was, I did not go into urgent care and confidently schedule an ear appointment the next day. My night was filled with odd sensations and nightmares that I would have a colony of beetles living on my frontal cortex. What a night.

The Extraction

The next morning, I went to the ear doctor, and he extracted a 2-inch Beatle from my ear canal! He assured me that it would not damage my hearing, a notion I was relieved by but a little disappointed as I now did not have the excuse of being able to ignore others due to my lack of hearing from that Beatle incident back in ’21. The doctor also assured me this happened all the time. This was another thing I was very disappointed by. I assumed the entire doctor’s office would be congratulating me for my bravery. Looks like my wife was right and it wasn’t that bad.

The Point

As you read this blog, you may wonder: What in the world does this have to do with business development? I want to challenge you to think about prospecting for a moment. Let’s compare you, a sales professional, to the Beatle with, a prospect, to me. If that Beatle would have stopped buzzing in the background, I would have forgotten all about it. As Sales professionals, we need to be constantly buzzing for attention to make sure that our prospect knows we are always there.

If a prospect tells you that they are not interested right now, like my Beatle friend, hang back for a while. Then a couple of months later buzz a little bit by sending them an email. There are many forms of communication, so use them to your advantage and always be buzzing in the background.

The reality is that people do business with people. They also often will make decisions when things are more top of mind. By regularly buzzing in our prospects’ ears (and inboxes) we have the opportunity to stay on their radar. Of course, we want to do this in a balanced way that doesn’t come across as offensive or turn people off.

My favorite way to “buzz in our prospects’ ears” is to hire a business development firm to do the buzzing for you or TEACH you and your team how to buzz most effectively. There are many different ways this can be done. The only wrong way to do it is not to try. If you don’t have the bandwidth or are struggling with the need to consistently buzz in ears, reach out to our team to begin a discussion.