The Impact of Disciplined Appointment Setting in B2B Sales

How often do we find ourselves bogged down by the minutiae of scheduling and rescheduling appointments? Securing a meeting with the right decision-maker can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, it’s this precise challenge that B2B … Read more

How to Get Off the BDR Roller Coaster

The BDR role can be quite a roller coaster experience. One month you are crushing quota, the next month things seem to be going ok, and then you hit rock bottom the next month. Some combination of this continues. One … Read more

We Are the Hole Diggers

This summer our neighborhood was prepped for fiber optic cable upgrades. This was done by a team of ten men with shovels who dug holes. They dug every day, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 in the morning until about 7:00 … Read more

Bug in The Ear – A Key to Successful Prospecting

As another brisk June evening was coming to a close, I had to quickly run into my barn before heading home. As I left the barn, I felt an odd sensation in my right ear. “Oh, my word,” I thought. … Read more

The BDR Arsenal

In the business development arena, there’s a dirty word all of us hate to hear and be compared to, telemarketers. It makes our blood boil. We all know the common traits of someone who is a “telemarketer” and why that’s … Read more

A Lesson in Prospecting from a 3-Year-Old

My three-year-old nephew recently figured out how to open my French door refrigerator on his own and access all the delicious snacks it holds. Being the cool aunt that I am, I’m excited to find out what treat I can … Read more

3 Keys to Success in Business Development

Are you looking at taking your business development game to the next level? Keeping these 3 strategies in mind will help you maximize your efforts, save time and ultimately drive results. 1. Target Audience 2. Stop Being Complacent 3. Quality … Read more

3 Way to Deal with an Unresponsive Prospect

We’ve all been there. We have a great prospect we engaged. We had a productive conversation with genuine interest. Time passes, and they go dark, radio silent. You try to reach out, but they remain unresponsive. You don’t want to … Read more