Closing Sales During Covid-19

Lead Generation Tactics

For many sales professionals, the last few months have been challenging bringing in new clients. Some may have concluded that the Covid-19 environment is a showstopper when it comes to sales. Although it may take more “at-bat’s”, longer sales cycles and a lower close ratio, your next customer is still within reach.

Don’t Create Urgency

Understand that people are experiencing a variety of stresses right now. Ever hear of the ABC’s of selling? Always Be Closing? This is now ABH: Always Be Helping. The ability to uncover a prospect’s true pain points, provide a meaningful solution, and being helpful and responsive in the sales process is what closes deals, not applying pressure to a prospect to sign. Focus on developing a relationship and providing value.

Remove time limits on quotes where possible. Believe it or not, applying a time limit on proposals in today’s COVID environment may end up costing you the deal, especially if your client is already on the fence on whether to make this investment. Your timeline should not be when you need the sale, but when your prospect needs what you are selling. This has always been true.

Address the Covid-19 objection Head On

Ask your prospects: “Have your plans changed due to Covid-19?” Some businesses are growing and thriving, while others are cutting any type of sales/marketing spending. Understanding the scenario your prospect is in will make for a more compelling discussion and pitch.

Think outside the box. If your customer is in the “slow down” scenario, this is a great time to be creative and think outside the box from your standard pitch. Try to identify a new offering your customers may benefit from as a result of Covid. You’ll probably get some kudos from your boss in the meantime.

How do I Meet My Quota?

You may be wondering how in the world you are going to meet your quota taking this approach. The answer is simple but requires discipline and tenacity: Build your pipeline. As some of your prospects push out or even drop out, having a strong pipeline will keep you on track to meet your goals and in many cases, above your goals.

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