How to Get Off the BDR Roller Coaster

Lead Generation Tactics

The BDR role can be quite a roller coaster experience. One month you are crushing quota, the next month things seem to be going ok, and then you hit rock bottom the next month. Some combination of this continues. One month you’re feeling like you are the Tom Brady of BDR’s to the Barney Fife of BDR’s the next (sorry Andy Griffin fans).

So how do we get off the BDR Roller Coaster?

Backfill Your Prospecting Pipeline

From the very first day a BDR begins to prospect, they are building, what we call at Momentum, a prospecting pipeline. Very similar to a sales pipeline, a prospecting pipeline categorizes the companies you call into various stages, from (1) decisions makers you spoke with that have no needs/interest, to (2) decision makers you haven’t spoken to, (3) decisions makers you spoke with that are interested and have committed to a meeting and more.

One of the most common mistakes new BDR’s make when working a prospecting pipeline is only staying focused on their warm/hot prospects. The other data is viewed as “cold”, so it is often put on the back burner. But when all the prospects have either been qualified or disqualified, the BDR’s only option is to go back into the “cold data” to rebuild their pipeline. So where’s the problem?

The best BDR’s never wait until their warm prospects are depleted to go back into their less worked data set. From the moment they generate an opportunity, they immediately begin working their less touched, “cold” data to find their next prospects. Thus, allowing BDR’s to maintain a consistent number of opportunities by month.

Stop Being Complacent

Using the same pitch. Calling the same contacts. Working the same data segment in CRM. Making calls with no other multi-channel touches. The list can go on and on. I have said it before, and I will say it again (and again), the BDR role is a GRIND. And anything in life that is a grind (including life itself!) can cause us to fall into complacent habits.

BDR’s falling into these habits will often find themselves with consistently low call-to-conversation ratios. As a result, every conversation that does take place puts the BDR into a scenario where they feel they need to have an “arm twisting” conversation with the prospect to get the appointment, instead of generating a quality lead. This same dangerous call strategy can happen in other scenarios as well.

Start mixing up your elevator pitch by leading with a different product and/or service, or simply rephrasing your pitch. Talk to other BDR’s in your group to learn about what is working well and not well for them. If you begin and start your day working the same groups of data, turn that on its head too. If you start your day calling your hottest prospects, start your day calling cold, unworked data. Try using other channels such as LinkedIn or texting to engage decision makers. Research off the cuff, funny subject lines. Be different. Stand out.

Make Realistic Goals

I love making goals. I love meeting my goals. I love exceeding my goals even more. I also love realistic goals. All too often, BDR’s or BDR managers make goals that require BDR’s to go above and beyond realistic goals. The hope is that the BDR will make the realistic goal and if they happen to make the unrealistic positive goal, even better!!

Or is it? The truth is, it’s not. And if you are a BDR reading this blog and your direct manager sounds like this, it may be time to reconsider your situation. Goals are great when they are realistic. They are detrimental when they are not. If you are setting personal, unrealistic goals you are only hurting yourself. Because even if you meet those goals, you will most likely be burned out in the process. Your personal relationships at home may suffer and there’s a good chance you won’t make the next set of goals.

Everyone loves the saying “quality over quantity”. The funny part is, it’s actually pretty rare for folks in the BDR space to really live that out. When you make daily, weekly and monthly goals, make them achievable. If you find yourself consistently overperforming in all categories, then slightly (emphasis on slightly) raise it. Your morale, enthusiasm and motivation are critical. Don’t kill them with unrealistic goals.

With all of this being said, we have barely touched the surface of getting off the BDR roller coaster. Hopefully, this will help steady your journey and even out your results. Have more questions? Looking for help? We are happy to talk!