Sales & Cold Call Training

Drawing from more than two decades of expertise honed through consistent outbound lead generation and sales execution, Momentum stands as your trusted partner for cold calling and sales training. Regardless of which training engagement best fits your team, our training is designed to accomplish 3 goals – create real behavior change, establish good habits and increase results.  

Training Solutions

Skills Gap Training

Have you recently hired a sales rep that has minimal experience in prospecting/cold calling? Or maybe one of your sales reps is struggling or their results have plateaued.

Our 1:1 skills gap training process is designed to understand the specific areas that are causing underperformance so we can right the ship and begin increasing results.

Sales Team Training

Looking to provide your sales team with a refresher of the best tactics and strategy for prospecting/cold calling?

From virtual to on-site training engagements, we combine the sharing of foundational success principles in prospecting/cold calling that lead to a group participation/interaction section to immediately put into practice what was shared, creating real behavior change & future results! 

Train The Trainer

Are you managing a sales team but feel you could use help in understanding what KPI’s, processes and strategies should be implemented to increase results?

Momentum’s Train the Trainer services are designed to empower and equip sales leaders to know what to look for when results are lacking and most importantly, how to help! Whether it be resources, tools/technology and more, we’ll help pin-point areas of improvement and increase call outcomes!

Momentum Sales & Cold Call Training Will Improve Your Sales Team By:

  • Getting Past Gatekeepers
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Increasing Self-Confidence
  • Better Pre-Call Planning & Call Positioning
  • Eliminating Prospect No Shows
  • Landing More Appointments
  • Negotiate Better Deals
  • Increase Closing Rate, Win More
  • Reviving Unresponsive/Dark Prospects
  • Compelling Sales Presentations
  • Effectively Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships 
  • Disciplined Pipeline Management 
  • Increase ROI at Tradeshows/Conferences