Sales Leaders, It’s Time to Look in the Mirror

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Without a doubt 2020 threw its fair share of wrenches into our 2020 strategy. From moving to a remote work environment, selling virtually, setting up CRM processes for visibility and more. With so many tasks at hand, as sales leaders, we can become distracted and forget about our most valuable asset, our people. Ask yourself this question, “Did I forget about my people?”.

Yes, all the tasks that were thrown our way due to the pandemic needed to be dealt with. But did we let that become a distraction, and did the relationships you have with your sales team weaken? Or worse yet, were they not there to begin with?

If you are looking for ways to build, rebuild or improve the relationship with your sales team, you are reading the right blog! Below are 5 ways of just how to do it.

Personal Life

Do your interactions with your sales team start with a couple of small-talk questions about the weather or sports, then immediately follow up with “What’s in your pipeline? Who’s closing today?”. This is a classic indication of a weak sales leader. Your salespeople have a life outside the 8am-5pm timeframe, show a genuine desire to care about them professionally and personally.

Incentive/Commission Plan

Are you using an incentive plan that dangles the carrot in-front of your sales team? Is it designed to use every ounce of energy they have to hit a number that is “aggressive”? If you want a sure-fire way to burn out your sales team, this is the plan for you. However, if you want your sales reps to find the right customers, consider an incentive plan that is realistic and is designed to motivate them the right way.

Jump On The Phones or Get In The Field

When was the last time you jumped on the phone to help your rep hit their goal? When was the last time you accompanied them in the field, not criticizing their every move, but applauding them and providing constructive feedback? Yes, I know you are busy and have a lot on your plate. But think of the message this will send to your rep. It’s called Servant Leadership.

Serving vs. Condemning

There will be plenty of scenarios arise where your sales reps lose a customer or a deal, missing their goal, you get the picture. How do you approach this? Does it begin with a disappointing, negative tone, followed by criticism and then you throw out a “and if I can help at all let me know” so you can tell your boss you told them you can help?

Your rep is in a very vulnerable state, the last thing you should do is throw the hammer down. Instead, try starting the conversation by praising them for working hard. Then, be introspective and ask yourself, “Is there anything I could have done?” If there was but you were too “busy”, own up to it. Make sure your team knows they are exactly that, a team. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

Your team is ultimately a reflection of yourself. If you choose a leadership style that is demanding, selfish and insensitive, that’s who your team will consist of. This is because the good ones will leave. You can count on that.

If some of this resonated with you and you’re still reading, it’s not too late to change. Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to show your team you really care about them. Show some humility, apologize where needed and serve serve and serve some more.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate servant leadership in your organization, schedule a discovery call here to begin the conversation!

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